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Hallo, and thank you for clicking on my profile! I am a student studying Music and German, I´m 21 years old and from Ireland! I have many years experience taking care of my little brother since he was a new born, to now! He is now 12 Years old, and we are best friends! I often baby sit my cousin who is now 2 years old, we always have the best time together! I have also done baby sitting jobs for people in my area, ages range between 1-13 years old. I love children, and always have a great time with them! I love being outdoors in the fresh air, baking, playing educational games and playing music when I mind kids, and that´s just who I am too! I have successfully completed a first aid course in child and baby first aid, and have a full driving licence. Ich spreche auch B1 level Deutsch. I am very responsible, respectful, outgoing and kind person! I would love to help you and your family out, and if you have any questions please let me know!

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